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Using Linkedin to Recruit


Recruiting on LinkedIn can be a great way to find potential employees. The only problem is that you have to know how to do it. Here are three steps you can follow to get started.

Creating a company profile on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find talented employees. It allows you to interact with potential candidates, showcase your business and culture, and educate potential customers about your business.

LinkedIn Company Pages are ideal for small-to-medium businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions. They offer a platform for potential employees to learn more about your business, your values and mission, and the products and services that you offer. They are also useful for recruiters who want to post jobs.

LinkedIn company pages are free to create and maintain. However, there are some basic requirements. They include a company name, a logo, a description of the company, and a tagline. They are also customizable, and you can add up to 20 languages to your page.

Using LinkedIn to post a job ad can be a powerful way to connect with potential candidates. You can post free jobs to your personal profile, or you can purchase ads to promote your jobs. LinkedIn has over 750 million members, spread across 200 countries and territories. This makes it the largest professional social networking platform in the world.

LinkedIn has a paid job ad program that puts your ad in front of the most qualified members. These ads can be purchased for a 30-day period. This is a great way to ensure that you have plenty of qualified applicants.

LinkedIn also offers a variety of job description templates that you can customize to suit your unique job requirements. These templates are based on a variety of categories, such as job title, industry, designation, and employment type.

Creating a message to recruit on LinkedIn is a bit like writing an email to a friend. You want to make sure you are sending the right message in the right way to get the best response. If you have a friend or family member who is looking for a job, send them a message that includes a link to their profile, a resume, and a short summary of what they do and why they might be interested in this type of position.

Creating a message to recruit on LinkedIn should include a few key pieces of information. The first is a message that has an interesting subject line. A great subject line is the one that will get the attention of the recruiter. A good subject line is at least 100 characters long.

Recruiting on LinkedIn is a great way to keep your talent pipeline full of engaged candidates. The site also makes it easy to stay in touch with past and current employees.

When posting on LinkedIn, you should make sure to include keywords that candidates are likely to use. This can help narrow your search and help you cross-reference the candidate's profile with your job requirements.

LinkedIn also allows you to advertise your postings. This is especially useful if you're trying to convert applicants into employees. Using ads can help you reach the most qualified candidates.

You'll also want to use keywords in your search to get the best results. You can set up advanced search filters to narrow your search by specific details, or you can save them as automated alerts.

Recruiting on LinkedIn is an excellent way to get in touch with industry influencers and find candidates. It can also be a great source of ideas and inspiration. These LinkedIn groups can help you build your brand and find the right employee for your company.

There are dozens of recruitment- and HR-related groups you can join. You can find groups by industry, position type, or channel. Each group is a discussion forum that allows you to communicate with other members. You can send private messages, read posts, and even post jobs in groups.

Some of the groups include Recruiting Experts, Linked:HR, and The Recruitment Network. Recruiting Experts is a community of human resources and talent acquisition experts. They publish articles and playbooks that offer unique and professional advice. They also share best practices for online recruiting. Linked:HR is a group for corporate recruiters and HR professionals. It's not dominated by job postings, but it can still be helpful for job seekers.

Advice for Investors on Investing

Published on : 11-02-2022
One of the best pieces of advice for people who want to invest is to consider how much risk they are willing to take care of. Many people who support for the first time think they can handle more trouble than they can. This makes them panic when their more risky investments go down. If you think about risk and reward more carefully, your investments will match your ability to handle a loss. Even though it's tempting to keep cash on hand, inflation can make it less valuable over time.
Buffett's approach to investing is pretty simple, and his strategies have given him some of the best returns of any investor. Between 1964 and 2021, Berkshire Hathaway made $3,641,613%, while the S&P 500 index only made $3,204,61%. But Buffett's investments don't depend on his ability to guess what will happen to the stock market or the economy.
Buffett thinks that companies should have a lot going for them, and he likes to invest in companies that have done well in the past. This lets him figure out which will likely make him a lot of money. He also emphasizes honesty in business and looks for companies that take bold strategic risks that will help the bottom line.
Buffett has always put his money into tech companies. He bought IBM as his first tech investment (IBM). He invested based on how the company had done in the past and what its plans were for the future. He sold the stock after three months and bought Oracle and Apple (AAPL). Apple is now a big part of Berkshire's portfolio, making up 21% of the company's holdings.
Goldman Sachs is a global company that manages investments and offers services for all major asset classes. The firm works with both private and business clients. The company also puts out a newsletter called BRIEFINGS, which has news and information about the economy around the world. In recent years, the firm has suggested that investors stay invested in stocks and put more of their money into U.S. stocks.
Focusing on sustainability is at the heart of the firm's investment philosophy. The company wants to have less of an effect on the environment by putting money into renewable and sustainable energy sources. In addition to ensuring its portfolios are sustainable, the firm's investment philosophy stresses how important it is to invest in sustainable companies. The firm's ESG strategies, which invest in companies that are good for the environment, show that it cares about sustainability.
Goldman Sachs made money when subprime mortgage bonds went wrong in the summer of 2007. Traders at Goldman Sachs sold these securities short, which made them a considerable amount of money. Josh Birnbaum and Michael Swenson, who worked for Goldman, are credited with making money during the crisis. They worked at Goldman in New York City in the structured products department. They could get risk management executives who were skeptical about backing their plan.
Carl Richards is a well-known investor, education author, and media personality. His plan for investing is shown in the sketch below. He talks about why it's essential to support your goals and priorities in mind and how to keep your investments in check. He is one of the most well-known people who stand up for fiduciary advice in public.
Richards also wrote The Behavior Gap and The One-Page Financial Plan. He has been helping investors for a long time and is also a futurist. In a recent interview with Forbes, he talked about how vital human, financial advisors are in the age of computers.
Phil Town is the host of the investment podcast InvestED. It focuses on how to invest in value and how to manage money. Phil Town and his daughter Danielle talk about their ways to make money in interviews for InvestED. With these tips, thousands of people have been able to start investing. You can get InvestED on iTunes and Soundcloud.
Phil Town is an investor and motivational speaker. He has written two investment books that have been best-sellers on the New York Times list. Because of his advice, he has also been on CNBC many times. He has been a guest on episodes of "Your Guide to Wealth and Retiring Rich" and "The Millionaire Insider." He has also been on "Your Business" on MSNBC and a regular guest on "Closing Bell" with Maria Bartiromo.

A Case Study of Family Business Succession Planning

Published On :10/21/2022

When it comes to succession planning, family businesses face unique challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is sibling rivalry. The owner must clearly define each family member's future role and responsibilities. For example, the eldest child may feel entitled to take on leadership roles because of their age, but a younger sibling may be better suited to run the business. The conflict between siblings over what to do with the company can lead to poor performance.

It is critical to remember that just because someone is related to you does not imply that they are qualified or interested in the business. The qualifications of the family member should be evaluated using objective criteria. If there are gaps in experience and skills, an outsider may be more suitable to take over the company. Furthermore, it is critical to recognize that ownership and management are distinct concepts, and a succession plan must address these concerns.

Succession planning can be time-consuming and complicated. Although every family's situation is different, owners can take some common steps. These steps ensure that a family business is run correctly after the owner retires. A successful plan will ensure that the company continues to grow and that the successor maintains financial independence. It will also assist the family in maintaining a sense of pride and ownership, both of which are critical to the long-term success of a business.

Before handing over the reins to your successor, draft an operating agreement outlining how the transition will be handled. It will address critical issues such as who will run the business, when assets are distributed, and how to resolve disputes. You should also begin training the successor-family member in the industry. This will let them know your clients, employees, and vendors.

Family business succession planning can be emotionally taxing, and it's critical to consider the past and the future to find the best successor for the company. You can accomplish this by being honest with your successor and keeping lines of communication open. Always remember to prioritize the company's interests over your own.

Consultation with financial advisors is another critical step in preparing for the business transition. These professionals can assist you in developing a plan to prepare you and your children for the future. Financial advisors, for example, can assist you in planning for your retirement and your family's financial security in an emergency. It is critical to consider these steps' tax implications and ensure that the senior generation is not penalized.

Finally, you should have a clear vision for your company and the next generation. Once you've established this vision, you can decide whether to transfer the business to active family members, sell it to a third party, or sell it to a third party. Again, a clear succession plan can help to smooth the transition and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Finding a buyer for the business is another critical step in succession planning. A buyer will view the lack of a replacement as a risk, which will influence their valuation. As a result, before developing a succession plan, you should consider all financial implications. In addition, different deal structures may exist, so it is critical to tailor your succession plan to the deal structure you have chosen.

Family businesses often resist change. Even if they have been successful business in the past, there is no guarantee that they will continue to be so in the future. You must be willing to change and seek out new opportunities. A family business must adapt to change or it will perish. This means the family heirs must be adaptable and open to new ideas. To keep the business running, they must be willing to learn from the experts.

How Important Mental Health  

Published on : 09-01-2022

A person's complete emotional, psychological, social, and behavioral well-being make up the complex concept of mental health. It has an impact on cognition, perception, and behavior and has a direct bearing on our capacity to manage stress, form social connections, and make decisions. Individual differences in mental health are significant, and environmental influences can even have an impact.

A person's capacity to carry out daily duties is one of several measures tonguage their psychological health. The capacity to experience life pleasure, optimism, hopefulness, and a sense of purpose are further components of psychological well-being. Feeling connected to people, having confidence in one's abilities, and being a part of a community are all aspects of social well-being. The availability of cheap housing, safe communities, high-quality education, and equitable access to high-quality healthcare are other socioeconomic determinants of mental health.

The diagnostic guide used by medical experts to pinpoint mental disorders is the DSM-5. Even if this guide is debatable, most mental diseases have a medical cause. To help someone lead a satisfying life, it's vital to take into account their physical health in addition to societal conventions. A balanced diet and adequate hydration are essential for those who struggle with mental health issues. They can feel wonderful all day long if they have a healthy lifestyle.

Emotional control, a crucial aspect of life, and mental health are frequently linked. Poor emotional control can result in a variety of issues, including depression. It is vital to develop emotional control for these reasons. You'll be better equipped to handle any potential stressors if you do it this way. It's crucial to understand that emotional control is both a requirement for mental wellness and a risk factor for mental diseases.

Some people discover that speaking with a mental health expert can help them cope with mental health issues in addition to therapy and medication. Fortunately, the majority of people who suffer from mental diseases get better and live happy, healthy lives. You can obtain assistance with your mental health despite the stigma associated with mental illness.

There are numerous low-cost methods to safeguard, advance, and improve mental health, which is a crucial component of overall wellbeing. It is an essential element of human welfare and is valuable in and of itself. Numerous structural and societal pressures have an impact on our mental health. If we want to achieve our objectives for a better world, we must deal with these pressures.

It might be unpleasant, frightful, and perplexing to have a mental health illness. You might think you've gone crazy or that you're having trouble handling the circumstances. Sometimes, physical symptoms of a mental illness can include back or stomach pain, as well as unexplained aches and pains. It's critical to look for assistance as soon as you can.

Another crucial aspect of mental health is social engagement. Individuals who are able to engage in meaningful social connections are better able to handle stress and develop resilience. Unfortunately, stigmatization and social isolation can have a detrimental effect on social involvement. Therefore, in addition to personal elements, any definition of mental health should also take social aspects into account. Poverty and ethnicity are just two of the societal factors that influence the emergence of mental health issues. The accessibility of mental health care can be impacted by socioeconomic factors like a person's residence.

It's critical to recognize these warning signals if a loved one has displayed symptoms of mental illness. Be supportive and discuss them with your loved one, but don't forget to solicit assistance. If required, you can also assist them in finding a mental health specialist or go with them when they have an appointment. If symptoms are chronic and significantly impairing your life, you should, if required, seek immediate mental health therapy.

Additionally, some hereditary and environmental factors have an impact on mental health. Mental illness is more likely to strike some people than others. The disease may run in families, but that does not guarantee that members will contract it. Additionally, prenatal exposures to the environment and genetics may have an impact. Neurotransmitters, a class of brain chemicals, are also connected to mental wellness. A person will struggle to transfer information from one part of the brain to another if these substances are damaged.

A state of dynamic equilibrium between the mind and body is mental health. It enables someone to make productive use of their abilities in society. The improvement of fundamental social and cognitive abilities is also a part of it.

The month of mental health awareness

Published on: 08-08-22

In the US, May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. During this month, we celebrate in a variety of ways, including through events, media coverage, and movie screenings. We'll talk about the value of promoting mental health awareness in this article, along with some practical steps we can take. For more resources, keep reading. We'll talk about social media awareness this month as well as the significance of addressing mental health in our communities.

For young people, especially adolescents, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing an unprecedented mental health crisis. The illness has interfered with daily activities, led to social isolation, and slowed learning. Nearly one-third of high school students said they experienced ongoing sadness, and nearly half of women said they had ongoing hopelessness. Suicide attempts among young girls are also on the rise, by 51%.

Researchers in Assam, India, and other low-income nations are creating guidelines for tele counselling in emergency situations in response to this escalating mental-health crisis. Over 400 volunteer counselors from seven nations, including Nigeria, are participating in the study. This is a great chance to compile information on coping mechanisms and to develop a comprehensive national mental health resource.

Multiple societal strata have been impacted by the multitude of psychological disorders brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. People of all ages, from infants to the elderly, have been impacted by the epidemic. Psychological disorders can affect members of various groups, but early detection and treatment can help stem the epidemic. In order to prevent mental health crises, it is crucial to recognize and treat psychological disorders.

National Mental Health Awareness Month is in May, so we should make sure that all of our social media posts reflect that. People who have mental illnesses may struggle to manage their symptoms and may try to hide them by maintaining a polite demeanor and obsessively overanalyzing seemingly unimportant conversations. They frequently find themselves in solitary confinement on the Internet, unable to express their emotions without fear of being judged. We must consider the people in our lives to help us make our social media messages more inclusive.

Brands should consider what their target audience wants from a social media campaign. For instance, JanSport used the #LightenTheLoad campaign to create an atmosphere where open discussions about mental health would be encouraged in order to tap into Gen Z's pain points. The "ShareItChallenge" hashtag, which requests that users share their burdens, is another illustration. By using these hashtags, you can encourage people to realize that they are not alone in their mental health crisis and that friends and family are there to support them.

You should use social media during Mental Health Awareness Month to spread your message about mental health for a number of reasons. The public's understanding of mental illnesses is being increased, which is one of the main reasons. People are more aware than ever of mental health issues, and businesses can help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness by sharing stories and empowering people through social media. There are many of us who struggle with emotional or mental health issues, but talking about them is difficult.

There are numerous resources available all year long to assist people in coping with their mental health issues. People can use these resources to start awareness campaigns, share stories, form connections, and have important conversations. You can learn about your mental health and how to get help, regardless of your age or level of experience. Some of the resources you might find useful are listed below. Although these resources might not apply to everyone, they can still be used to begin meaningful discussions with family members and friends.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we're highlighting the tools at our disposal for helping people get back on track. One in five Americans, according to estimates, will struggle with a mental health issue at some point in their lives. Nearly one in five Americans will meet the diagnostic requirements for a mental health disorder, according to the CDC. Finding assistance for your mental health can be challenging, though. Organizations that provide mental health support can assist you in beginning your recovery.

Visit NAMI's website if you want to learn more about participating in Mental Health Awareness Month. It provides a variety of resources, such as blog posts, videos, digital toolkits, social media interaction, and upcoming national events. You can use these resources to spread awareness all year long. Additionally, there are many ways to raise awareness about mental health, which can help you influence someone's life.

Beginners' Investing Advice

Published on: 07-21-2022

Stock market collapses are unpleasant, but they are unavoidable when it comes to investing. Investing should not be difficult, but the process might be intimidating if you are new to investing. You may also have other competing demands on your time, such as a new job or school debt. So, here's some sound advice for investors. Investing is simple, but you should only invest in items you can afford to lose. If you're not sure where to begin, consider the suggestions above.
First, invest in high-quality enterprises that will last for decades. Buffett seeks stocks that will dominate the industry in decades to come. This investment plan will assist you in maximizing your returns while minimizing short-term risk. Sign up for the Globe Investor newsletter if you want investment advice. Get the most recent investment information and discover how to invest like an expert. This free service is available three times per week.
Consider Betterment next. Betterment is a platform with no minimum investment requirement. It instead provides text messaging and ad hoc financial planning sessions. Betterment for Advisors automates financial planners' back offices and provides their customers with an automated investing platform. Betterment is not intended for investors seeking specific stocks or ETFs. Instead, this product is intended for long-term investors and is not appropriate for short-term investors.
Then, maintain an eye on the market and avoid becoming emotionally involved. While you may be tempted to follow trends, are you willing to do so blindly? Investing is a long-term process that requires patience. The Motley Fool recommends investing your money for five years. You will be sorry if you cannot wait that long. A plan, on the other hand, will help you if you have a short-term investing strategy.
The stock market has had a difficult few weeks. The S& P 500 is likely to have its worst month since March 2020. Jill Schlesinger, host of CBS' "Jill On Money," is pessimistic. However, if the economy continues to deteriorate, the market will rebound and may provide investors with even more possibilities to profit. The stock market may be turbulent, but the tips in this article might help you make wise decisions.
A fee-only advisor is an option if you don't have much money to invest. These consultants are paid a portion of the assets they manage. Fee-only advisers will not accept customers with less than $1 million in assets, and their costs may drop as your investment funds grow. A fee-only adviser may be a good solution if you don't have the time or skills to handle your finances.
When investing, keep in mind that equities provide the strongest inflation protection. Inflation is defined as the overall increase in prices across an economy. A bank savings account, for example, is unlikely to provide more than 0.7 percent interest until you turned 30 in 2021. Meanwhile, during the last 100 years, equities have returned up to 13.6 percent, and a ten percent return is a fair long-term expectation. As a result, beginners should avoid short-term investing in favor of long-term investments in reputable organizations.
Diversify your portfolio if you can't afford to lose money in a single investment. Dividends are an excellent method for investors to diversify their portfolios and profit from compound interest. When you invest in various equities, you'll be astonished at how rapidly your investment portfolio may increase. Dividends are frequently distributed regularly, monthly, or yearly. Furthermore, as a Canadian citizen, you will benefit from a particular tax cut if you own dividend-paying stocks.
One common error new investors make is failing to consider their time horizons. This may appear to be a smart plan because you are investing for the long term, but it may be disastrous. A rookie investor, for example, is likely to jump into stock with great growth potential but fail to change its asset allocation. This might lead to massive financial losses. As a result, this person's long-term objectives may have been a perfect fit in the short term.
A traditional investing guideline says that young investors should have at least 25% of their bond portfolio and 60% in equities. The proportion should equal the investor's age when the bond market varies. Bond returns will be lower the longer a person lives. If you are younger and intend to retire soon, you should invest in bonds rather than stocks. If this isn't an option, try investing in target-date funds, which will automatically move your money into safer investments.

A Headhunter's Work Process

Published on: 06-14-2022

According to Enlow and Associates, there are a few things you should know before hiring someone, regardless of whether you need assistance with your CV or you're employing a headhunter for a specific role. Choose a recruiter with prior experience in the industry first, of course. Next, decide what kind of job you want and the qualifications required. To find out if the recruiter will be able to identify the finest applicants for your position, make sure to go through your needs in detail with them.

Finding top-tier professionals for businesses is their area of expertise. Some people work in only one industry, while others are employed across several. Their major objective is to locate openings and then get in touch with applicants to find a position that will work for them. On the other side, recruiters work for businesses to hire a range of people. Headhunters are an excellent source of applicants since they frequently provide resume suggestions that might aid in job placement.

Speaking with coworkers and former employees is another way to discover a headhunter. As this will provide you with a personal perspective of their experience, ask them if they have ever employed a headhunter. Second, choose the compensation you wish to provide the headhunter. It's crucial to complete your research because many headhunters act as agents for a certain business. You can conduct a web search or get recommendations from others if you are unsure about the headhunter's name.

Enlow and Associates disclosed that, despite the temptation, it would be improper to completely ignore a recruiter. Your headhunter might not work for you if they are unfamiliar with the standards of your sector. Make careful to inquire about the precise areas of the roles they have had. You may also inquire about the method used to find applicants. While a good headhunter won't reveal every step of the process, they will be open and honest about how they work.

LinkedIn is a great resource if you're looking for a headhunt. There are several LinkedIn profiles for headhunters. If you're a member of LinkedIn, you may quickly discover a headhunter by looking up the title of the position you want. It's simple to find a headhunter on LinkedIn even if you don't have a profile there. Sign up now and begin exploring profiles if you haven't already. The outcomes will astound you.

Although it's difficult, using a headhunter is worthwhile. In a few days, you'll have a qualified applicant. It takes time to conduct an objective headhunt. You need a consultant who is adept at thinking laterally and coming up with business ideas, not how many friends you have in the field. Additionally, the executive search industry is quite competitive. To help you better grasp their skills and expertise, a consultant will offer you other services like psychometric testing.

Tell the recruiter how much you're willing to spend if you're using a headhunter. A competent headhunter is aware of the salary range for new hires. However, resist any pressure from the recruiter! When dealing with headhunters, honesty is the best strategy. A smart headhunter will also never request pay information unless it is necessary for the position.
In Enlow and Associates's opinion, confidentiality is another incentive to work with a headhunter. Many job searchers start their hunt when they are already working. If the headhunter gives you a great referral, you won't have to worry about getting the hiring manager's attention during the search. The headhunter may thus guarantee the confidentiality of your résumé and references as well as the protection of your identity, even if it cannot promise a specific post.

A recruiter's access to more openings than you do makes hiring them advantageous as well. Working with a recruiter improves your chances of landing a job, as opposed to hiring one directly. Additionally, you'll be able to concentrate on the task at hand and have more time to pay attention to the specifics of your application. A recruiter also benefits from having firsthand knowledge of hiring organizations. You will be able to locate someone who is a suitable fit for your business if you are searching for a new position.

Hiring a headhunter has several advantages. They can contact possible applicants and help you focus your search by qualification. Even discussions and interviews with possible applicants might be arranged for you by them. If you employ a headhunter for a particular role, they may also handle onboarding to make sure you pick the best candidate. Headhunters work for various firms and positions; they are not the same as recruiters.

How to Hire Workers for a Small Business


Hiring new employees for your small business is a difficult and time-consuming method. As a result, Enlow and Associates advises that before hiring someone, you must ensure that they are qualified and can work within the culture of your company. Here are some helpful hints for hiring the right people:

If you own a small business, you understand how important an employee's criminal record is. It can also save you a lot of trouble in the future. Without a criminal background check, you may hire someone who poses a significant risk to your company. It's also a bad idea to hire someone you had no idea existed. Even if they have no criminal history, they could commit a crime and steal from you.

There are numerous ways to conduct a background check. GoodHire's services are excellent for small businesses. They provide a wide range of background checks, such as criminal records and I-9 forms. Workable, a popular software platform, can also be integrated. GoodHire and HireRight both integrate with various HR software programs and offer live chat and email support. GoodHire also provides a free trial for all packages, and the website is simple to use.

Most states mandate that employers provide workers' compensation insurance to their employees. This type of insurance typically costs a business owner $47 per month to insure its employees. Small businesses will first look for insurance policies through a local insurance broker. According to Enlow and Associates, finding a policy is more difficult, particularly for small businesses, because most traditional insurance companies do not make much money writing these types of policies. WorkCompOne was founded to address these issues as a small business workers compensation insurance broker.

The cost of workers' compensation insurance is determined by a number of factors. The number of employees, the annual payroll, and the occupation of the employees all factor into premium costs. However, comparing rates is necessary to get an accurate picture of the cost of coverage. A small business insurance broker can assist you in determining the best coverage for your company and explaining how workers' compensation works in your state.

When you hire employees, you must ensure that you pay the appropriate payroll taxes. The IRS has a system in place to assist you in calculating the appropriate amount to withhold from your employees' paychecks. However, each state has its own method of calculating SUTA taxes, and the exact rate can differ from one state to the next. For more information, speak with a local accountant. Furthermore, before hiring employees, all employers must obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Your state of residence may also have specific laws governing these taxes.

Many new employers are surprised to learn that in order to operate their business, they must file payroll taxes. When you consider that the government requires employers to file yearly tax returns with a half-dozen different authorities, it can be overwhelming. The penalties for failing to pay payroll taxes are severe, and if your company is found to be in violation, you could face jail time. This can be disastrous for your small business.

Finding good employees for a small business is even more difficult when you are running a startup or a new company. Because your time is already limited, finding the right candidate for the job is critical. Fortunately, the right technology and workflow can make it easier to find candidates, including job applicants who meet specific requirements. Continue reading for some pointers on how to find the best candidates for your small business.

To begin with, hiring from within can improve employee morale. You can post a job opening and encourage current employees to apply if they meet the qualifications. Many businesses will even keep a skills bank on their current employees and post open positions to encourage their employees to apply. Other businesses include apprenticeship programs in their employee training. As suggested by Enlow and Associates, if your company has an urgent need for a new hire, it may be more advantageous to hire from outside.

While using a recruitment firm to find new employees for your small business has several advantages, you should be wary of the scams that some firms use. While there are always scams that prey on the unwary, it is preferable to choose a company with a good reputation. Omnes is a Balkan recruitment agency that is upfront with its candidates and offers employer branding.

Recruiting agencies are an effective way to broaden your reach while remaining productive. They can help you narrow the field of applicants and choose the best recruits from short lists. Small businesses frequently lack the resources required to hire and interview candidates in-house. Small businesses can adhere to equal opportunity and diversity guidelines by hiring an agency to assist with the search. Furthermore, recruiting firms are frequently referred to as contingency recruiters, which means that they do not accept payment until the employee is hired.

How to Hire Employees for a Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

Published on: 05-07-2022
Enlow and Associates stated that hiring the proper personnel is one of the most crucial components of a startup. The initial personnel you choose will lay the foundation for your business and decide its long-term success. Hiring the wrong individuals might result in a high turnover rate and an unpleasant work environment. Follow these steps to avoid the pitfalls of recruiting the wrong individuals for your startup. You must also keep a few things in mind in addition to employing the correct employees.
Choosing which roles to fill immediately is one of the most crucial components of hiring the first staff. Do you need a marketing expert, an engineer, an outbound salesperson, or an engineer? Decide on the role you require first, and then assemble a team to fulfill that job. Ascertain that each person understands their function and is capable of being productive and satisfied in it. If you can't find anybody to fill specific duties, you can outsource the work to a freelancer or organization that can do it better.
As previously stated by Enlow and Associates you can begin the hiring process once you have the basic prerequisites for each position. The first step is to compare written applications to the job description. Candidates who do not meet the job requirements would be judged unfit. Your recruiting manager may have noticed several red signs that indicate a candidate will not fit with your startup's culture. The idea is to hire people who are self-motivated and eager to try something new.
Another key source of startup personnel is investors. Investors typically have a broad network of contacts and can help you build connections. They are frequently the ideal match for your startup. Their industrial connections will very certainly be useful. A paid vacation program could be the best method to find high-potential junior employees. Consider utilizing a recruiter if you're seeking to hire for a business with a limited budget. These experts are usually paid a proportion of your startup's annual salary.
Finally, recruit people who have more experience than you. More experienced staff will aid in speedier growth and customer retention. It will be easier to put up more effective methods if you have more people who are more knowledgeable than you are in particular areas. Although you don't have to hire specialists as your first employees, having a variety of experience and knowledge can help you identify the right people for your company.
Create a detailed job description based on the talents you require and the obstacles you will face as a startup employee. Create a custom job description that includes details about the organization, the role, special requirements, benefits, and pay. Because many of the finest prospects don't look at job boards, it's critical to stand out from the crowd. A startup's job description should also provide the candidate a sense of the company's culture.
In the opinion of Enlow and Associates it is critical to identify a cultural match. Choosing someone who is similar to your team is problematic since it excludes people with different abilities and personalities. Finding someone who has a varied set of abilities and is eager to cooperate with others is what hiring for cultural fit entails. You'll want someone who not only has technical ability, but also has the correct attitude. This is critical because your startup's culture will be formed by your initial few workers.
For any founder, creating a job description that fulfills the needs of the startup is a critical milestone. It is critical to hire the appropriate individuals for your startup, as hiring the incorrect people will have a detrimental impact on its growth and success. Starting a business from the ground up can be difficult, but recruiting staff can help your firm grow. Hiring is a vital step at any time, but it is especially important in the early phases.
Because practically all prospects hunt for employment on social media, social media recruiting is an important aspect of your recruitment strategy. Using social media to highlight the startup's culture is a great method to recruit competent individuals. Employee interviews are also a great method to show off your staff. Employee spotlights on social media are also an excellent way to show off how your workers work. Another significant source of information for promoting your business is a blog.

Do Cleantech Innovations Have a Chance to Succeed?

Published on: 04-22-2022
Accelerated commercialization of clean-tech discoveries represents a significant potential for governments seeking to transition to a more sustainable future. These investments may help cleantech firms in a variety of ways. These inventions have the potential to decrease energy use, reduce emissions, and improve economic growth. However, they confront other obstacles, including obtaining finance, recruiting institutional investors, and demonstrating that their business ideas are feasible. Check out the following sites if you want to invest in clean-tech innovations:
In Enlow and Associates’s opinion, the Internet of things is one such endeavor that aids environmental conservation efforts by putting sensors underground and in trees that can notify people to any odd situations. By eliminating energy-intensive processes and products, cleantech may help revolutionize industries. Cleantech helps companies compete while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. Cleantech has the potential to transform both companies and the environment. Cleantech is already having an impact on a variety of sectors, allowing for the shift to more environmentally friendly goods and services.
Pressure from activists will be crucial in hastening the uptake of clean technology. Activists will educate their communities about the technology, keep an eye on businesses and political campaigns, and support clean technologies. Unforeseen circumstances, such as climate change and energy shortages, will have an impact on the adoption of these advancements. Cleantech has the potential to alter our civilization without jeopardizing economic growth. If you're wondering if these inventions have a possibility of succeeding, keep reading.
Developing clean technological solutions to environmental challenges is a critical step in our civilization's growth. We must invest in clean technology, but we still have a long way to go. Governments and businesses must take strong actions to promote cleantech innovation, and the best way to do it is via an effective IP strategy. Companies may secure their intellectual property by obtaining patent protection to cleantech inventions. The advent of new technologies may also assist cleantech developers.
Enlow and Associates pointed out that cleantech innovation has been disregarded for a long time. Nonetheless, the sector is now getting much-needed financing owing to the government stimulus program. The Cleantech Group has been a driving force behind clean technology innovation. McLaughlin has a long history in the business as the CEO of the Clean Energy Trust. He was formerly the Executive Vice President of Orion Energy Systems, a publicly listed company, and he sits on the boards of Metrus Energy, a pioneer in the area of energy efficiency financing.
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a worldwide center for clean technology development. The Industry Growth Forum, which brings together prominent clean tech entrepreneurs, investors, and regulators, takes place every year. The Kleinman Center is sponsoring the event, which will include speakers from the commercial sector and charitable groups. Its goal is to create a robust cleantech ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs with prospective investors. Low-carbon inventors may pitch for financing and meet investors at Cleantech Innovate, a biennial event.
Enlow and Associates described that the Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP) helps entrepreneurs turn their revolutionary clean tech discoveries into profitable businesses. GCIP selects the most promising clean tech solutions and helps them toward commercialization via an annual competition-based Accelerator. Selected start-ups will then be enrolled in a rigorous national acceleration program, which will connect them with prospective investors and partners. Entrepreneurial mentoring and finance are also available to cleantech start-ups.
Cleantech firms, on the other hand, often have difficulty getting investors. The VC sector has been generally unhelpful to cleantech developments since they demand a huge upfront investment and a protracted development cycle. Furthermore, although these businesses have the potential to make a lot of money, the risks involved with clean tech advancements typically prevent them from doing so. Cleantech discoveries are costly, and reaching commercial scale might take up to seven years. As a consequence, most clean tech businesses have a difficult time attracting investors, resulting in their inability to scale up.

How to Begin a Career in Aircraft Maintenance?


Aircraft maintenance technology, according to Enlow and Associates, comprises the whole range of technical and operational capabilities that permit safe and efficient flying. These technologies, which range from automated systems to in-flight entertainment, necessitate the skills of a highly experienced specialist. Airships and balloons, in addition to civil aviation aircraft, require routine maintenance. Composite materials, such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, are commonly used in these vehicles. A technician must be educated in the installation and maintenance of these materials, as well as the right use of tools and equipment.
The A&P certificate is frequently sufficient for employment in a variety of aircraft environments, including commercial and military carriers. Large airlines, on the other hand, often engage only one technician per aircraft to work on a single area. They work on the airframe, engines, hydraulics, and electrical systems, among other things. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as wind turbines and drones require similar maintenance to aircraft. Theme parks, meanwhile, often engage one technician to perform ride maintenance, despite the fact that these mechanics are not federally certified.
Aircraft maintenance personnel must have personal integrity in addition to a technical degree. Technicians must adhere to all guidelines and ensure that nothing is missing. It's vital to keep in mind that aviation technicians have to do a lot of paperwork, which includes following stringent safety rules. Regardless of their level of experience, technicians must adhere to strict safety regulations. It's critical to keep safety and aircraft integrity in the forefront of your mind if you want to advance in the field of aircraft maintenance. However, there are a variety of routes to take if you want to work as an aircraft maintenance specialist.
Students in the AMT program learn about hydraulics, electrical systems, and structural members, among other aspects of airframe mechanics. They will also have the opportunity to work on FAA-approved aircraft. They will be eligible to take the FAA certification exams after graduation, ensuring that they are qualified to operate in the field. The best thing is that this curriculum will prepare you for your maintenance technician certification tests.
Enlow and Associates believes that many individuals who pursue a career in aircraft maintenance technology begin as floor mechanics at major airlines or regional airlines. They can then rise to supervisory positions like crew chief, quality assurance inspector, or maintenance director. These jobs typically demand seven years of experience, as well as ongoing training to keep up with new aircraft and parts. A person who wants to work as an aircraft maintenance technician should consider getting an aviation maintenance technology degree from a recognized technical college.
The BSAMT program is meant to provide students with practical training, classroom education, and teacher feedback. A qualified instructor is a wonderful mentor who can also recommend extracurricular activities. It should also be FAA-approved so that they can receive the requisite training. It is critical to select an economical institution. Talk to a financial aid advisor about your choices if you're unsure about the cost.
People interested in aircraft maintenance now have more job options thanks to the expansion of the aviation industry. Thousands of new jobs will be created each year as a result of the increased demand for competent technicians, many of which will offer good benefits. There are few limitations to a career in airplane maintenance technology. This industry is expected to grow in the coming years, thanks to the introduction of unmanned aerial systems and helicopters. With the number of aircraft expected to expand over the next decade, the future looks bright for qualified airplane maintenance workers.
AMT professionals can also help regulatory supervision and technical efforts in the federal government. As nondestructive inspection methods such as thermography/infrared and magnetic particle become more popular, AMT specialists will benefit from the advancement of technology. Most graduates will likely find work as an aircraft mechanic or technician after graduation. These occupations, on the other hand, are highly specialized and necessitate a high level of education and training. There's no need to put off getting into this business.
Students who complete an aircraft maintenance technology certificate program will be prepared for professions in the aviation industry, which include structural fabrication. While this curriculum can prepare you for a career in aircraft repair, it does not guarantee that you will be able to advance. All courses in the Associate in Applied Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology program must be completed with a grade of C or better. Earning a certificate, like any other degree program, is a vital step toward a career in aviation.
Enlow and Associates feels that mechanics perform routine inspections on airplanes and ensure that they are functioning properly. They disassemble engines to see if any of the components are worn out and the plane can no longer fly. They also check for fractures and distortion in the fuselage and wings, as well as the tension in control cables and the rust on aircraft parts. Mechanics adhere to manufacturer specifications when doing repairs. However, they frequently lack resources and competence, which can have a negative impact on their job.

Five Benefits of Family Business Succession Planning


Enlow and Associates opinion, A well-established family company may be a great place for next-generation family members to learn about the business. This planning may specify who will assume leadership of the family business and when this will occur. It is critical to have a strategy and to address it with the next generation as soon as possible. Consider the following factors when selecting a successor. You may be shocked at how tough it may be to pick amongst family members.
One of the most critical components of family business succession planning is keeping in touch with all family members. A quarterly meeting to discuss the strategy and its execution is ideal. The next actions should be specified at each meeting, including including the next generation, employing professional management, and analyzing the previous meeting. Everyone can ensure that they are on the same page this way. After all, if one generation is not prepared to assume ownership, the next will be.
Once the succession plan is in place, it is critical to explain the next generation's vision. It is also necessary to consider whether the firm will remain in the family or if ownership will be transferred. If this is the case, how will the family company be managed, and who will take over? Furthermore, how will the retiring owner manage the company? A succession plan for each of these elements should be included in the succession plan. A expert can assist you with the procedure and advise you on the best strategy to achieve your goals.
It is critical to collaborate with important members of the first and second generations throughout the transition process. These people may be great assets in the family company, and they can continue to contribute even after the second generation takes control. It's possible that the second generation is more readily directed by important non-family personnel. An employment contract may also help the succession process by securing the future of essential staff. Finally, having an outside counsel as a guide will make the succession process smoother.
According to Enlow and Associates, A family company might suffer from a lack of succession planning. It may cause issues later on, such as the lack of a good transfer or a forced sale owing to estate taxes. Furthermore, there is a possibility that a third generation may buy the family firm and pass it on to an unconnected third party. This implies that a well-thought-out succession strategy is required. This is a critical phase in the company's success.
Following the creation of an initial blueprint, you may begin discussing the following step with your attorney. Begin by sketching out the complete procedure. Then, break this framework down into discrete initiatives and work toward the creation of a complete succession plan. The plan will then be refined with the help of your attorney based on your requirements, expectations, and vision. Outlining the whole procedure will make it more efficient and less stressful for all parties involved. The more communication there is between active and non-active family members, the better equipped you will be to address any disagreements and unanticipated challenges.
Consider reducing or removing siblings' positions in the business. If you want to keep family connections intact, this may be required. Equal ownership may be undesirable since it may result in a divide between active and passive children. However, this method might lead to a stalemate and anger among the siblings. Furthermore, it may be detrimental to the firm if it is handed on to the next generation. As a result, before selecting how to manage the business's succession, it is critical to consider the children's requirements and interests.
It is critical to begin preparing early so that you can teach possible successors and explore external talent. Furthermore, you should clearly identify the responsibilities of various stakeholders in the firm and make sure that all family members feel heard. The more open your conversation is, the better the outcome. Ensure that everyone is heard and that they are actively involved in the succession process. If you are not an expert in succession planning, seek professional assistance to guide you through the process.
Enlow and Associates believes that, You should consider the economic concerns involved with succession planning in addition to succession planning. While there are other factors to consider, two of the most important are liquidity and the minimizing of transfer taxes. Consider life insurance and employment contracts for family members who are engaged in the firm. There is, however, no one strategy that will ensure a smooth transition. The effectiveness of your succession plan is determined by how effectively it addresses the demands of the older generation and your family's long-term economic sustainability.

    Cleantech Company Examples

    According to Enlow and AssociatesCleantech businesses are those that develop products or provide services that aid in the fight against climate change. The majority of these companies are publicly traded and are devoted to the production of renewable energy. Terraform Power in New York and Alterra Power in Toronto are two examples. Other examples include Brookfield Renewable Partners, a United Kingdom-based limited partnership. Engineers, civil engineers, process engineers, and other trade-related occupations can be found in the manufacturing sector.

    Cleantech investment has soared in recent years, and the Cleantech Index, a growth stock index of leading clean technology companies, represents a rapidly expanding field of opportunity. This list, however, does not include all companies in the field, and the majority of composite indices exclude cleantech. These companies are market leaders in the commercialization of these technologies, which is where the cash profits and the greatest impact are generated.

    The majority of publicly traded cleantech companies are involved in renewable energy production. Terraform Power, based in New York, and Alterra Power, based in Toronto, Canada, are two of these companies. Certain businesses are organized as public limited partnerships. Several are also a mix of renewable energy and conventional energy sources, such as Brookfield Renewable Partners, which uses advanced computer modeling to determine the optimal locations for energy projects. These are just a few of the numerous cleantech companies making headlines today.

    Enlow and Associates explained that, The Cleantech Investment Group is a large technology fund based in Shanghai that focuses on emerging clean technology companies. It invests in next-generation energy technology, solar and wind energy, as well as early-stage startups. Kholsa, one of the largest cleantech investors, is a New England-based investor focused on emerging cleantech companies and gap financing. Additionally, they work with established businesses in the region, providing seed capital to help them grow.

    Numerous these businesses are collaborating with government agencies to find new ways to solve environmental problems. They are able to collaborate with a variety of industries to develop environmentally friendly products. Consumer cleantech companies also use the technologies they develop to improve the flexibility, affordability, and durability of their products. Numerous these businesses also have their own social initiatives. They help consumers save money while contributing to the environment by offering a sustainable product. These businesses benefit everyone.

    Apart from being environmentally friendly, these businesses also contribute to job creation in developing countries. The Cleantech Index is a yearly ranking of the most innovative cleantech companies. It ranks the top ten countries on their capacity to develop novel products and services. The index can determine which countries are more likely to succeed by examining these factors. As a result, the UK now has a greater number of cleantech companies. Additionally, the Index is an active investment vehicle, which means it can present investors with the best investment opportunities.

    Enlow and Associates revealed thatCleantech investing is a lucrative industry. While this is a growing industry, there is a high demand for these products. As a result, employment opportunities in the sector are among the fastest growing in the country. Apart from the financial benefits, businesses that focus on cleantech enjoy a low cost of production. Throughout this time period, the company's research will be beneficial to both the public and private sectors.

    Additionally, the cleantech industry is defined by a high risk of failure and innovation. Cleantech companies face a significant risk of bankruptcy and fraud. This is why insurance is critical to the cleantech industry's success. It will assist businesses in avoiding financial loss in the event of a disaster. The insurance policy will aid in the growth of the cleantech industry. This indicates a significant need for insurance. Furthermore, if the business is successful, it will be profitable.

    Cleantech firms are critical to the health of an economy. By minimizing the environmental impact of their products, clean technology companies are rapidly establishing themselves as the primary source of new products and services. Consumers will feel more secure and comfortable with their way of life with the assistance of these companies. They will be more content and productive. Saving money and the environment will be possible with the help of green energy. Cleantech is booming.